Friday, April 1, 2011

SB 1352: Giveaway to criminals

On Monday, Senate Bill 1352 goes before the Senate Community Affairs Committee for consideration. This Bill titled "Public Works Projects" will prohibit among other things (Link), ensuring contractors pay a prevailing wage, paying specified benefits or using a certified apprenticeship program. In other words, a construction project that uses Florida tax dollars, cannot ensure that unscrupulous contractors will not cheat workers out of the money they are entitled to by law. This bill makes no mention of ANY savings to taxpayers and will not reduce the cost of construction projects. What it does do, is take away any safeguards that protect workers and taxpayers from companies that will cheat employees and taxpayers.

I have written numerous times on this subject (Link, Link, Link) and how a public project in our own area is plagued with problems created by contractors who break the law because of unadulterated greed. If made into law, this bill will make it "illegal" to have any safeguards in place to keep criminal contractors from stealing tax dollars. I encourage you to contact the State Senators on the Community Affairs Committee, and tell them to protect your tax dollars from thieves, like the ones at the Lake Nona VA project (Link).

Senate Community Affairs Committee Monday, April 4th 1PM

Chair Senator Bennett (R) 850-487-5078

V-Chair Senator Norman (R) 850-487-5068

Senator Dockery (R) 850-487-5040

Senator Hill (D) 850-487-5024

Senator Richter (R) 850-487-5124

Senator Ring (D) 850-487-5094

Senator Storms (R) 850-487-5072

Senator Thrasher (R) 850-487-5030

Senator Wise (R) 850-487-5027 wise.stephen.web@flsenate.go

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