Thursday, March 3, 2011

Quinco fined for breaking the law.

Yesterday it was announced that Quinco Electrical Inc., was fined $68,000 for it's criminal activities (Link). This amount is a mere pittance, compared to how much they have bilked the government, workers and the taxpayers for.

I have written in the past (Link, Link), about the contractors on the Lake Nona V.A. project who have been practicing in illegal activities for nearly a year. Until Labor Unions from the Building Trades pointed this out to the Department of Labor (DOL), nothing was being done about devious companies like Quinco stealing from taxpayers and cheating workers. Veterans Administration (V.A.) compliance officers were turning a blind eye towards Quinco and other's nefarious criminal acts. Now that the DOL is investigating the contractors on this project, I am sure that more fines will be forthcoming. I would hope that the V.A learns from their mistakes (Link), and take appropriate actions against companies like Quinco and Brasfield & Gorrie (Link) for their underhanded and unlawful business practices.

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