Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Obama betrays American workers.....yet again.

In 2007 while on the campaign trail for the Presidency, Obama made the pledge of putting on "a comfortable pair of shoes and walking a picket line", if union members were ever denied their right to collective bargaining (Link). Since being elected he has repeatedly made decisions that have hurt working class Americans. Obama has appointed a union-busting CEO who has shipped tens of thousands of jobs overseas, to advise him on job creation (Link). Last month his administration forced the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) to rescind a statement that they would have to shut down investigations that protect workers if their budget is cut (Link). And most recently, Obama appeared with Jeb Bush in Miami, touting the extension of No Child Left Behind (Link), which has hurt teachers and students.

All this was happening while public sector workers were fighting for their rights to bargain collectively. Obama has at best made half-hearted comments of support for the very workers who got him elected. Some on the right have commented that unions for the most part support the Democratic Party and that Dems consider unions a major part of their base. I will go a step further than that. I contend that if it hadn't been for Organized Labor, Dems would have never taken both Houses of Congress and elected the first black man to the Presidency in 2008. Without Labor, the Democratic Party would have seen the 2008 elections come and go from the sidelines.

Since then, Labor has had to endure countless sell-outs and inaction by Obama and Dems that did nothing but alienate Labor and discourage independents which caused Dems to lose the House of Representatives in 2010. If the Democrats and Obama want to continue to rely on Labor to get them elected, it's time they live up to their campaign promises and help working families instead of multi-national corporations and billionaires.

I am so truly grateful that the Democratic Executive Committee of Brevard (DEC) realizes that fighting for Organized Labor helps working families and is good for the community, good for the State of Florida, and good for America. I would sincerely hope that the National Democratic Party take its lead from the Brevard DEC and start working for middle-class Americans who are the union members who worked to get them elected.

I would also advise the national leadership of Organized Labor to put pressure on Dems to follow through with their campaign promises. If the Democratic party and Obama continue to disregard the very middle-class Americans who voted them into office, the Labor Movement should abandon Dems to their own devices. Let them go and grovel to the multi-national corporations and billionaires for campaign contributions and votes, and we will all see how far that takes them.

Breaking Update:In an underhanded move that lays bare the lie that this bill was about the budget shortfall, Wisconsin Republicans separated the union busting portion of the bill from the budget bill and stripped nearly all collective bargaining rights from public sector workers (Link). This shows how deceitful Walker and Republicans in Wisconsin are by exposing that their goal was never to balance the budget, but to kill unions and hurt working families.

Now is the time President Obama! To paraphrase your own words: If not you, who? If not now, when? Put on your "comfortable shoes" and get yourself to Wisconsin and help those who trusted you.

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